On Saturday, we will gather in Puolalanpuisto park. The demonstration march will leave at 11.15 and we will make our way through the city and be back at the same park by 12 o’clock. After arriving back at the park our guests will share speeches, music and poetry with us.


11.00 The demonstration march organizes at Puolalanpuisto

11.15 The march leaves the park

11.45-12.00 The march arrives back at Puolalanpuisto

12.15 The program starts, containing speeches, poetry and music.

The speakers are:
– Juri Nummelin: journalist and non-fiction writer
– Roda Hassan: interpreter with Somali background, councilor and city board member in Turku
– Susinukke Kosola: USSR-born poet, book publisher and director of literary arts
– Hassan Zubier: UK citizen living in Stockholm working as a paramedic. Zubier was seriously injured while trying to help another victim last year during the terrorist attack in Turku. He was awarded for his courage by the Finnish president as well as Queen Elizabeth.
– Dr. Faith Mkwesha: Ph.D. and researcher with Zimbabwean background, founder of NGO SahWira
– Johan Werkelin: Åbo Akademi’s academy lector and researcher with Swedish background


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