Turku without nazis -schedule 22.8.2021

The demonstration on Facebook

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 virus pandemic, we ask participants to remember to keep safe distances to others and use protective masks. 
If you have symptoms or feel sick – do not attend the event.

12.45: Gathering at Yliopistonkatu (Kävelykatu) 
13.00: The march begins! 
13.45: The march ends at Vanha Suurtori 
14.00-16.00: Programme at Vanha Suurtori

PROGRAMME (Vanha Suurtori) 
14:00: LIVE: MC Paleface
14:45: Speeches: Zahra Alimy, Dimitri Ollikainen, Matti Rajala, Ninni Nuunu & Susanna Viljanmaa
15.15: LIVE: Pete Santos
15.30: DJ Awak
16.00 The demonstration is over

The MexMex-restaurants Taco Truck will sell vegan tacos at Vanha Suurtori during the demonstration.

Turku without nazis -schedule 16.8.2020

The demonstration on Facebook

13:00 Gathering at Vanha Suurtori
13:15 Speeches: Panda Eriksson, Ulkar Aghayeva, Paco Diop, Albina Hipp and Elina Huttunen
13:45 Ronskibiitti
14:15 Adikia
14:45 Nisa
15:15 MC Kajo & Vicci
15:45 Isimasa & DJ Ollimaine Jäbä
16:15 DJ Awak
16:45 The event ends

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