Bus transport to the Helsinki without Nazis -demonstration 6.12!

It’s time to act! A straight no to fascism and Nazism. One way of acting is to participate on the free bus transport to the Helsinki without Nazis demonstration 6.12. The bus transport from Turku to Helsinki and back, is organized by the Turku without Nazis coalition. Sign up for the bus transport here! Limited […]

Turku without nazis -demonstration 20.8.2022

The anti-fascist and anti-racist “Turku without nazis” demonstration will take place in Turku on August 20nd, 2022 in order to protest the far-right organization Kansallismielinen Liittouma and their white supremacist 188-kukkavirta event. The demonstration will gather 11am at the corner of Yliopistonkatu and Kristiinankatu. Kansallismielinen Liittouma is a far-right coalition founded in 2017. They will […]

Nazis are harmful to Finland

Many might think, that a handful of nazis are not a problem in Finland, but unfortunately they are wrong. Finnish nazis are backed up by an expansive network of organizations abroad. And one shouldn’t forget, that the nazis of NRM, who call themselves “patriotic” get their orders from their Swedish leaders. More information about this […]

Turku without nazis demonstration

The neo-nazi organization Nordic Resistance Movement has announced its plans to arrange a demonstration in Turku on the 18th of August, a year after the knife-attacks and are thus planning to use the suffering of the victims and their near and dear to further their own xenophobic agenda. Join us on this day to show […]

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