Turku without nazis -demonstration 20.8.2022

The anti-fascist and anti-racist “Turku without nazis” demonstration will take place in Turku on August 20nd, 2022 in order to protest the far-right organization Kansallismielinen Liittouma and their white supremacist 188-kukkavirta event. The demonstration will gather 11am at the corner of Yliopistonkatu and Kristiinankatu.

Kansallismielinen Liittouma is a far-right coalition founded in 2017. They will once more be arranging the 188 “Kukkavirta” event which previously have gathered Finnish and Scandinavian far-right organizations such as Nordic Resistance Movement, Soldiers of Odin, Suomen Sisu as well as politicians from The Finn’s Party. In 2018 the event was combined with a National Socialist march when the now temporarily outlawed Nordic Resistance Movement marched through town and joined up with the Kukkavirta event.

Kansallismielinen Liittouma also made the news last summer when they arranged a “summer camp” together with the Nordic Resistance Movement. Participants at the camp practiced target shooting, aiming at pictures of left-wing politicans and Jewish business men.

Kansallismielinen Liittouma are trying to take advantage of the tragic 2017 knife attack in Turku to spread their own hateful and violent agenda. We want to show respect to the victims and show that fascism and jihadism are two sides of the same coin; both ideologies want to destroy democratic societies through violence and murder.

Violent racist and fascist organizations have no place in our Turku, and nowhere in the world for that matter. The “Turku Without Nazis” demonstration are inviting everyone that oppose racism and fascism and instead want to build a fair, open and inclusive society.

The event includes speeches, chants and music, and live performances The demonstration is family friendly. The event is peaceful and drug free.

The schedule will be updated here

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